Extreme Leather Restraint


Sometimes BDSM is not just about whipping, flogging and physical abuse. Often it’s more about humiliation, bondage and loss of control. Some of the most durable physical bitch boys will turn into whimpering heaps of putty when they are subjected to a little bit of bondage or sensory deprivation. Sometimes that little bit of humiliation is all that is needed, and a good mistress always knows exactly the recipe to get the most suffering from their bottom.

This particularly fit physical bottom was quite fidgety, so our mistress had the perfect torment for him. He ended up bound into a sensory deprivation chair, unable to move in any way so that he could no longer fidget, move or have any control whatsoever. The hood is the final straw that nearly breaks this oh-so-macho bitch boy, the loss of control is nearly all he can take. Of course, he didn’t expect that his mistress was also going to stroke him off, taking away control of that last thing, his climax and providing one of the most humiliating acts he could suffer.

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Two Dommes inflicting pain

two dommes inflict pain

If you think that the hardest, most vicious masters out there are all men, you are in for a big surprise. Our mistresses will find every weak spot, every hesitation, every little insecurity, and will grind into their little bitch boys until they are begging, crying and pleading for mercy as they get pushed to their limits. These vicious dommes expose them to the most humiliating punishments and tortures and then make sure that these boys come back for more.

This particular submissive boy has the distinct ‘pleasure’ of attracting the attention of two of our hardest mistresses, especially when he walks around acting so proud of how his cock has ‘converted’ so many women to submissives. They know how to cure an arrogant bitch boy of that kind of behavior, and they pull him into the back, strap him to a post and proceed to beat the offending member. He tries to act tough, but they soon have him begging and whining, practically screaming for mercy as they break him down.

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Harsh Domme squeezing his balls

Domme squeezing balls

So many guys think with one thing; sure it’s a bit of a cliché, but it’s true all the same, when it comes down to it, for most guys it’s all about their cock. They get so focused on that that they need to be…deflated every once in a while. Luckily there are many women out there who like to take the wind out of their sails, and abuse, destroy and mash their cocks so that they truly understand what it means when they have to become focused on their dick.

This little cocked bitch boy finds himself under the care of a mistress that just loves to show men just how little use she has for them, and how little they should depend on their masculinity. She grabs, twists, smacks, knees, and kicks his cock and balls until they are bright red, bruised, and swollen. Each grunt, each kick, each scream of pain and whimper of suffering is the reminder that when he becomes too focused on his cock, someone else might come along and show what happens when they do too.

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Harsh Lesson for Naughty Submissive

shackled by busty mistress

Wicked bad, boys need a strong mistress to teach them harsh lessons about behaving properly. They have no self-control, and they think just with their cocks, so that their little head makes all their decisions. These self-absorbed little bitch boys need a dose of reality and discipline before they become at all useful to any woman that may actually give them a bit of attention. Luckily, there are women out there that specialize in these tough cases, they know just how to apply the…pressure to their bitch boys.

This particular submissive little brat whined so much about showing his face, that this time his mistress graciously granted him a mask so that he could feel safe in his identity. Of course he had to pay the price for being so useless, and that was to act as just a nice little fuckhole for his mistresses favorite strapon. She pounded him hard in his tight little ass, and then made him show his appreciation for it by worshiping her toy with his mouth. It was a harsh lesson, but one he needed and she was graceful enough to provide.

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Cock in a knot

tight leather on cock

We have to admit, some boys are a little bit harder to break then others. It takes some work with a few bad boys, they are tougher than others, but they have that same interest in serving, as they should, they just need the ‘encouragement’ of a steady, harsher kind of mistress. We have a few dommes that relish taking on those difficult challenges, and taking some of these ‘troubled’ men in and working down all their barriers until they are ready to serve properly.

It’s been a fun little journey for Mistress Claire and her personal project Euro. They have had several sessions together, and each time she cranks up the intensity as he submits to more humiliation and pain. She’s ready to push him his farthest this time with some serious cock and ball torture. She is a specialist in rope though, so she wears him out first with harsh, extremely painful and awkward rope bondage. Once he is softened up, the main event happens, as she forces him to confront his hatred of electrical play by sticking a catheter up his cock, and then giving him one of the most painful shocks a man can ever experience. She isn’t without a sense of fun though, and she does reward him for his tolerating the harshest pain, by bending him over and fucking him up the ass with her strapon!

His pain is loud and ongoing. CLICK HERE to watch.

His balls in a vise

balls in a vise

Some boys get so cute when they think they are all tough, mean and feral. They think because they are big, strong, virile men, they can behave like beasts and get what they want, which means acting like typical cavemen and having women submit to them. We have mistresses that love taking those kinds of men and showing that the most brute man is nothing when faced with a strong, dominant mistress. A couple of them especially enjoy taking those boys and bringing them to heel.

Stigma was acting like quite the little beast, and so Mistress Madeline decided that it was time for him to receive the correction that would curb those urges once and for all. She started out by forcing him into isolation in the furnace, so he was ready to follow instructions when he got out. She then proceeded to take him, show him that his body was entirely her plaything, and there just for her pleasure, and for her abuse. She particularly liked showing him that his cock wasn’t all that, by digging her heels into his cock, and then clamping down his balls in a vicious show of CBT porn while he was tied down and helpless. Knowing his manhood was entirely under her control had him following orders quickly enough, and she showed him that even big bad men can get fucked by bringing out her favorite strapon, and making him fuck himself on the black toy.

Hot as hell video and pics of some serious domination and ball torture. CLICK HERE

Cock Locked

cock locked

There are little bitch puppy boys that need to learn how to behave, and they need a strong woman able to take them and teach them how. They get so caught up in being manly, that they forget how pathetic it is for them to be so arrogant and to think that they can power anything with their cock. Luckily there are a few domme women out there that love to take those pathetic boys in hand, so to speak, and teach them what it means when a real woman proves that they can do without the cock.

Mistress Irony always makes sure that she has the proper…tools available when an overamped, but pathetic little bitch boy ends up under her care. When they are too focused on their cocks, she simply locks the offending member away. She takes those lessons and makes sure they understand that a cock is not for their pleasure, it is for her pleasure, and they only get to use it the way she demands. That is, if she decides their cock is actually worthy of the attention she gives, of course.

See what happens when the Mistress holds the only key